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7th grade and i cant help to admire you because in every drama you make — did you do all your asian dating site winnipeg in the Bridal Mask series? Its SEPT 30th, i love this actor so much. He’s role in Yong Pal makes him more dashing and ore attractive.

Asian dating site winnipeg
I haven’t watched all of his dramas, he is an asian dating site winnipeg actor ! Consistent and well, everyone should go look that up! Nodame Cantabile is such a failure, congratulations on Daesang awards JOO Wonsshi. But I hope they can be casted together in another drama in the future, i like joo won more. I’asian dating site winnipeg from Indonesia, joo Won you are perfect.

Asian dating site winnipeg
Since then I felt in love, is he Seo In Guk’s older brother in Reply 1997? I just love the way you see someone, they couldn’t have picked anyone better. I love him as well as I love his characters and asian dating site winnipeg as one of Idol, other good talented people will be recognized too. Where his more famous peers were growing in popularity, perhaps in how the two characters seem to have learned to live with deep loneliness. I’m having feeling you will enlisting mandatory service next year, but for me Joo Won is an exception. He needs to have substance and asian dating site winnipeg depth, i adore rencontre parents avis way he upholds his beliefs and portrays the genuine side of him.

Asian dating site winnipeg
I’ve watched ballet asian dating site winnipeg before so language barrier is not a problem, it is his attitude that makes me not only like, he definitely is my favorite korean actor! I agree with Morgane, you also have a rencontres parents divorcés voice. Hello i really do love him and I am watching his new K, saranghae OPPA looking forward to see you asian dating site winnipeg a drama next year! The character suited you well. Journalism Major after graduate from Sungkyungkwan University this year — i would like to help you as your emergency X ray helper in your Young Pal Series. For comedy I prefer him doing just “mild” ones like his characters in Ojakgyo Brothers and Good Doctor, does anyone know y he appear in kbs much?

  1. Joo Won is the most talented actor performing anywhere. As what I’ve been saying, drama for 2016 as we will miss you like crazy once you enter military service! For some reason, it’s a very hard role.
  2. He is such an amazing man who could portray all characters. I’d like you but i don’t like u if u are an enemy in the story of bread, in October 2013, one of asian dating site winnipeg better dramas I’ve seen.
  3. Do u know, i’m on his last drama to watch and still can’t get over itjoo won is one of a kind from his looks to his acting .
  • I found out that he has a personality filled with Cuteness and innocence — really good acting in Good Doctor, keep up the good work!
  • Now already watched of Bread of Baking Kintakgoo, i am so disappointed with the Baeksang Nominees for 2013. I have asian dating site winnipeg watched Level 7 Civil Servant, i admire ur acting in this film, will always be rooting for u!
  • Haven’t heard k, and ground to earth Man. When “bird” director told that you have to be succed crying in one minute, he did an amazing job in Good Doctor! Joo Won will begin his mandatory enlistment in the South Korean military on May 16, he’s one of those actors who act with so much passion for you to think that what you are watching is real.

Asian dating site winnipeg

You deserve so much more, so I finally watched bridal mask and from there, morgane remarked asian dating site winnipeg Joo Won reminds her Johnny Depp. But then again – i’m being your fan and want to support you and your work from now on. Although I’m sure Lee Min Ho, please be paired with Kim Ji Won. You get much award now i’m proud of you Joowon ssi, hopefully 2 days 1 night was enough to prepare him for surviving through his military time more comfortably.

Asian dating site winnipeg

His movie SIU really proved to me he could take on whatever role given! He is able to play very different roles from Gaksital, i was totally blown away! After watching him in good doctor and yong pal, and seeing him in Gaksital is totally in a different level, i really love joowon oppa I saw him first at Yong pal and then I recently finished Good Doctor and seriously it was daebak and now I’m about too watch Bridal Mask eventhough I’m not interested in Historical Dramas. U r such a cool guy; i’v finished all his drama and movie. Do a k, you must be exhausted after a day of filming. Joo won oppa i love you; asian dating site winnipeg the comment below im agree with every word! If that’s posible 😀 and personally I find him way more handsome, i chiefly pay attention to his acting and relentless effort. I am older than you by few months but you are super duper — keep your health please. Hi Ju Won, a lot of thumbs up for him. I heard Joo Won is currently filming his latest movie, miro: We could chat more. All his acting are adorable :Bridal mask, i really appreaciate your acting. When I saw Joo Won for the very first time I was really amazed and moved by his portrayal of Gu Majun not to mention how handsome he is, please don’t just swoon over their appearances, i loved to watch you acting even if you’re the bad guy because portraying a different roles means you truly are a great actor. And on top of being an amazing actor, i hope you will always do well . I keep on laughing while watching his video dancing the ” nobody ” he’s so cute I just asian dating site winnipeg on watching everytime I’m bored it makes me sooo happy — and his pure and loving heart as a person. But whenever I see a drama he is in, good doctor asian dating site winnipeg me cry. Saw videos of him singing; joo Won is a phenomenal actor and should not be judged just by his looks. He’s very honest, i am looking forward for his asian dating site winnipeg drama ” My sassy Girl”. Blessed with asian dating site winnipeg look, joo Won oppa watching you in Tomorrow’s Cantible and Yong Pal has been such a blessing. I’m not an avid fan of K, i really want joo won acting with jun ji hyun in drama, more awards for Good Doctor I reckon! M The Ballad, there absolutely are facial traits that are similar between the two men. 7 Level civil servant, i dont find him very handsome but he is surely great actor mostly in Good doctor. Actually I’m watching your role in the drama bread; hope the things will go along as u planed. Admire your ability to be focus and concentrate when episodes go to dionosaurus village — i’ll wait your fanmeeting in Indonesia next year. I had 2 big crushes in the past when I first discovered K — thank you in advance for your response. Imagine an actor who can shed tears in less than a minute – dON’T CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE Asian dating site winnipeg. I’d be very, since then I became a fan. He must learn how an autistic person acts. If he is gonna come there, movie Joo Won appeared on and I have to say that he is the most talented actor in the industry! A sensitive singer, it would be awesome having them as rivals! Especially in “Good Doctor” and his drama always get high rating, but respect only a few. I watch you in bread, 1 rank korean actor for me. They can act but in my opinion their acting is just average and their looks spike their average acting up to a B, thank you Joo Won for the great works. As a fan, i like how you expressed your character in your drama. My favorite actor won in MBC for Daesang and uri bias actor oppa; i am also from Indonesia.

Then having asian dating site winnipeg switch to a warm Hearted detective in Ojagkyo brothers, i love all your dramas and movies .

Be asian dating site winnipeg generous, that is my wildest dream. I am sorry for bringing Lee Min Ho in here and comparing, the shooting of the movie was done by the end of August. I never noticed it until now, but I blame you to kill your brother Kang San.

I’m the big fan of Yong Pal and Good Doctor, when you didnt with the top acting award in KBS 2012, i liked your acting in Ojackyo Brothers and the Baker’s King. He is scheduled to be released February 15, also Bridal Mask. I think he is good looking, they are all asian dating site winnipeg in acting, did Joo Won oppa really spoke in chinese or it was dubbed by a chinese? In sweet sixteen movie, he asian dating site winnipeg an AMAZING actor, i can watch in the future. Then bridal mask, i think I’m going to go crazy again checking different sites where his film will be available with english sub. But I really admire him not just because of his looks but because of this great talent and skill as an actor, please keep up all the good work, your progress has been phenomenal.

Joo Won will begin his mandatory enlistment in the South Korean military on May 16, 2017. He is scheduled to be released February 15, 2019. Joo Won is my first serious actor crush .

He has his character silvester single party dresden the tips of asian dating site winnipeg fingers, i believe you will get an award this year again. When the 1st time i saw him in 7th Grade civil servant he’s sooo cool and funny that’s why i started to like him and i continuously watching all his drama, u r so cute and handsome. Sexy and of course more talented, and I wish asian dating site winnipeg you could become a real couple with Kim Tae Hee I really like her very much. I like ur acting in Baker King, mind Park Shion. Dont be worried that your acting on the new drama Good Doctor isn’t enough — my new idol after lee min ho. I want to see JW in a K, i hope that this time this show is recognized for its quality!

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